A suburban street... One house... Two people...

One is an ex-crim, the other, a blind woman tied up in the garage. A heat wave bears down. Outside, lurks a dark figure, a threat with a psychotic lust to kill. Which one will survive?

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We are Pelham Films, a film production company based in Wellington, New Zealand. We have a love for old school filmmaking, movies shot with gritty realism, but carrying a great sense of style. This is what we have incorporated into our thriller feature film, ‘Blind Panic’.

The green light to make our movie was our Kickstarter campaign, one of the most successful ever to come from New Zealand, thanks to our 163 wonderful backers. Visit our Kickstarter page to see how we did it.

In April-May 2017, with the support of our Kickstarter backers and private investors, we shot our movie over 21 days. Now in post-production, we look forward to launching our movie upon the world.

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