MARK WILLIS (Writer/Director)

Mark found his love for filmmaking while working in a video store back in the 1980s. A few years later, he became the SPFX creator/supervisor for Robert Sarkies’ Nightmare Productions, showing off his creative streak on such award winning short films as Dreammakers, Flames from the Heart and Signing Off. In 1999, he wrote 13 short horror episodes entitled ‘From Under the Bed’ for the children’s show, What Now?

That same year, while working in the art and SPFX department on Robert’s first feature Scarfies,  Mark conceived the idea for his first short film Splinter, which was completed in 2006, with funding assistance from Creative NZ. Since then, he had dedicated himself to furthering his skills as a scriptwriter/director and also establishing Pelham Films with his fellow film colleague Matthew Mawkes in 2013.


MATTHEW MAWKES (Writer/Producer)

Born in small town New Zealand, Matthew misspent his youth watching thousands of movies from all corners of the globe, developing a taste to make some of his own. In 2000 he arrived in Wellington, at the time fast becoming New Zealand's filmmaking capital. There he attended a crash course at Avalon Film & TV School before launching into producing short films, while also lending his time to anyone who would take him.

In Wellington Matthew met Mark and started a collaboration that has led to the screenplay 'Blind Panic' and a company to produce it, Pelham Films. Matthew also has experience in events management and fundraising, and is always looking for opportunities to work on exciting film and TV projects.



Having obtained a BA in film studies at Victoria University Wellington in 1994, Jeff co-founded Martinsquare, a production house dealing in a wide range of television and film projects, establishing him as a talented and much in-demand editor.

The first short film he edited, The Hole, was invited to the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival. This led to editing a myriad of other shorts, such as Splinter, Eel Girl and Lambs. He also developed a collaboration with documentary filmmaker Bryan Bruce, editing the hugely successful The Investigator TV series.

His feature film credits include The Devil’s Rock, Deathgasm and Born to Dance.

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