Madeleine Holloway is shot and blinded while witnessing a crime. She spends her days trapped in suburbia resentful of her blindness and fearful that her assailants may finish the job.

Louis Evans is released on home detention after serving six years for armed robbery. Residing only a few houses away from Madeleine, Louis fears he is a sitting duck with his psychotic ex-boss on the hunt for some missing money.

Madeleine takes her first steps to re-connect with the outside world, and meets Louis. Oblivious to his circumstances, a friendship develops.

As a heat wave engulfs the neighbourhood, things heat up between the two. But Louis makes an untimely advance on Madeleine, with disastrous results. While trying to leave, a panic-stricken Madeleine falls, knocking herself unconscious.

An unexpected visit from Louis’ probation officer causes him to make the worst decision of his life: He ties Madeleine up in the garage, fearing she will call the cops if he lets her go. Bound, gagged and alone, Madeleine must find a way out of her impossible predicament.


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